Brands We Like: Definite Articles: The Sustainably Made Sock Company

As much as we want to help by keeping sneakers moving to new homes, we also want to celebrate brands attempting to implement a better method of make. Definite Articles is saying all of the right things. We hope they are doing the right things as well. The company claims “We use a natural additive that makes the tiny plastic particles spun into our performance wear – all recycled, BPA-free and high-quality fit for human use – act like natural fibers. That’s why the Definite sock sheds less plastic when washed and biodegrades far more quickly when discarded. So it will revert naturally to the earth.”

Definite Articles – Sustainable Performance Socks

One of the most important aspects most people overlook when making a change in how they purchase clothes is understanding the impact of micro-fibers. When apparel made with plastics are washed, small amounts of plastic break off and can be found in the water being drained from washing machines. This means that the water enters treatment facilities and is too small to be captured. Brands who recognize this as an issue are working to offset this major problem for our oceans. Shout Definite Articles for attempting to take on this problem. We at Sneaker Impact will be celebrating more eco-friendly brands, so check in when you’re recycling to learn about other companies.