ASICS Continues 4 Year Run of Improving Logistics to Help with Climate Issues


ASICS Corporation has been identified as a global leader for engaging with its suppliers on climate change, being awarded a position on the Supplier Engagement Leaderboard four years in a row by global environmental impact non-profit charity CDP..

Source: ASICS Global

We can either ask brands to shut down or ask brands to commit to focusing on ways to reduce carbon emissions. It’s not realistic to ask a company that is supporting its employees and generating financial stimulus and support to various communities to stop producing their products. It is realistic and expected for brand to find better methods of make and to revise the way they approach how they affect the climate. ASICS’ continues to work to change how their business contributes to issues in the environment. It is never enough, and the best option is to remake from what’s made, but to read the following information is a good thing:

ASICS has been recognized for its actions and strategies to reduce emissions and manage climate risks in its supply chain in the past reporting year. ASICS is among the top 8% of organizations assessed by CDP, one of over 650 companies on the Leaderboard this year.

ASICS was also recently included in the Sustainability Yearbook 2023 published by S&P Global, which showcases the sustainability performance of the world’s top 15% companies in each industry.