Sneaker Impact Expands the Sneaker Recycling Program: Boxes for Bigger Give Backs

Sneaker recycling is a costly process, but until consumers realize just because they are done with a pair of kicks, those sneakers aren’t done. Slightly damaged and worn sneakers can be revitalized and given a second life in communities where retail isn’t readily available.

Sneaker Impact is known for simplifying the sneaker recycling process. Our free bag and label program gives individuals the convenience of taking sneakers from closets, placing them into our pre-labeled bags and dropping them off at the nearest shipping location. We are now offering the same no-cost service to bigger groups, companies and organizations. Teams can now visit our site and request pre-labeled boxes. This allows groups to organize events promoting sneaker recycling, creating an educational, team building experience while continuing to benefit underserved communities.

Does your gym, store chain or school want to participate in sneaker recycling? Sneaker Impact just made it easier for groups to do more, faster. Use this link and click “I’m a business and need a recycling box” to request a 4 or 8 pack of boxes for your team… Sneakerheads, we know you’re like a business by yourselves, so feel free to request boxes over bags as well (think of it as checks over stripes).