How Sneaker Retailers Can Maintain Brand Integrity as Returns and Damaged Shoe Inventory Increases

Sneaker retail is an industry which has received the brunt of the issues created by Amazon’s policies which cater to a considerable amount of consumer misbehavior. At certain times of the year Amazon has a return policy of 90 days! Amazon has also placed sellers in the difficult position of accepting returns with immediate refunds upon the first scan of a product. This has contributed to an increase in returns across the board. As Amazon adjusts policies, retail accounts have to respond with similar updates. Take for instance Hibbett Sports. This retail chain now includes a 60 Day Return Window. Nike, a major supplier of sneakers to Hibbett Sports, also has a 60-day return policy. These policies used to be 30 days max.

The consumer understands that companies want to maintain a good perception and understandably consumers have become bold with their abuse of the system. When chargebacks and claims are taken into consideration, retailers and brands are being faced with the difficult task of maintaining brand integrity. Returned goods have to find a new home. When they don’t it can lead to situations where retailers find themselves facing the expenses around collecting damaged returns, slightly worn returns and mismatched sneakers. Brand integrity can be disrupted in a few ways. A retailer may have to continue buying inventory, when storerooms are filled. At this point the retailer may place products on promotion. Brands aren’t fans of these discounted displays. When a brand prevents mark downs, older sneakers may end up shipped to outlet stores or they can be damaged out.

Brand integrity can also be damaged when a company attempts to sell slightly worn products in stores. The consumer isn’t used to “used” sections in retail stores and brands and retailers who do decide to offer these damaged products require a lot of consumer education or they can face the difficulty of reviews online about selling used goods. It’s a fine line to maintain Brand integrity. Sneaker Impact has created a program specifically for large retailers and brands to build a program that helps to maintain Brand Integrity. Sneaker Impact has been working to keep sneakers and shoes out of landfills for years. With expansive warehouse space and organized shipping options, we can prevent retail stores from having to deal with the promotional aspects created by excessive inventory.

Take a moment to drop us line and we can begin to organize the removal of your excess damaged and worn inventory. One of the biggest issues brands and retailers are worried about in working with companies is breaking online and brick and mortar sales policies established by brands. In many instances partners will utilize their relationships with retailers and brands to open domestic accounts to sell used and slightly damaged product. Sneaker Impact does not compete with its partners. We have standards in place which allow us to function in a non-competitive manner with domestic retailers and brands internationally. Allow us to function as an additional aspect of your supply chain while also contributing to reducing footwear from ending its life in a landfill: Sneaker Impact – Recycle your sneakers and be part of the sustainability movement!