Planet Fitness x Sneaker Impact | A Partnership to EXLOS and Support Communities

Sneaker Impact created the Collect and Match Program to provide fitness gyms an additional incentive to motivate members to reconsider tossing their old sneakers into a bin where they will eventually find their way to landfills. Studies show that businesses offering recycling programs have higher engagement with potential fans and members. The Collect and Match Program allows a no risk opportunity for gyms, retailers and companies to highlight community support and involvement on a global scale. Sneaker Impact uses sneakers to create small economies in developing countries. Sneakers that aren’t capable of being sorted, cleaned and shipped are taken to Waste Innovations for the Curb to Grid program where sneakers are burned to create energy for Broward Country in Florida. While EXLOS (Extending the Life of Sneakers) is not a final solution, it does place another leg on the journey of sneakers prolonging the eventual end of life of shoes that are often made with toxic materials. The lasting solution would be for all sneaker companies to begin building footwear with a better method of make. Until that happens Sneaker Impact is happy to partner with gyms, retailers and any company looking to be more thoughtful about the environment. Contact us if you’d like to learn how Planet Fitness Franchisee National Fitness Partners raised money for the Boys and Girls Club and added a recycling program to their facility.

Sneaker Impact – Recycle your sneakers and be part of the sustainability movement!

Since May, National Fitness Partners took the saying a little more literally, partnering with Sneaker Impact, an organization that collects and recycles used shoes to send to those in developing countries. The shoes help improve the lives of people in need across the world.

National Fitness Partners placed sneaker collection boxes in each of its locations, encouraging Planet Fitness® members to donate their gently used sneakers. Additionally, Sneaker Impact matched $1 per pair of shoes donated to a charity of National Fitness Partners’ choice, the Boys & Girls Club of America.

From May to June, National Fitness Partners collected 1,193 pairs of shoes and donated $1,193 to the Boys & Girls Club of America. In August, the total number of shoes donated was 1,259. In total, the franchise group donated around 2,452 pairs of shoes and dollars.